Grey Paragondi Hoodie
Grey Paragondi Hoodie

Grey Paragondi Hoodie

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Grey Paragondi Hooding with Baby Blue Print (Front & Back)

"Congratulations, you took the risk & boy did it pay off! You are taking your brand and Lifestyle to levels that seemed unimaginable. Thanks for believing in yourself & never giving up. Paragondi “Risk Taker” is inspired by all the risks Mr.Paragondi took while growing his brand in Las Vegas, Nv born and raised. In a city where people are constantly risking it all in order Win Big & putting everything on the line! Your life is all about what risk you take in the greatest risk of them all is not taking one! But It’s up to your how you roll your dice 🎲🎲!

“Nothing in life is worth wild unless you take some risks “

Risk taker Dice & the official black risk taker letter is including what every order and free shipping goes to the first 20 purchases 🔥!”

The goal is to sale 1000 shirts! Shirt will be available for purchase on June 18th 2022! 

Good luck taking your risks 🎰! SIGN UP NOW!

Paragondi Definition

A person or thing viewed as a model of excellence 

brand for champions, Leaders, celebrities, or anyone who are viewed as a model of excellence. 

stand out

Paragondi unique style allows you to stand out from the crowd. Our shirts gets reactions out of people almost all the time. you will be highly satisfied with your order.

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